Miss Rodeo Sweetheart Pageant

Sep 27
27 Sep 11:00 pm - 28 Sep 11:00 pm
1701 American Royal Ct
Miss Rodeo Missouri Sweethearts are young ladies who are 3-8 years of age who love rodeo, horses, the western way of life,.
The Miss Rodeo Missouri Sweetheart pageant will be held in conjunction with the American Royal Rodeo.
The Sweetheart contestants will be asked to model a western outfit of their choosing. Western dress or arena wear- long sleeves, boots and hat required. While on stage modeling, the contestants will be asked a very SIMPLE question on stage such as, "What is your horse’s name?" or something similar.
At the end of the competition, all of the contestants will be declared winners and each will receive a crown and banner along with a sack of prizes. We do this to provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere for the little girls and their parents.
Our wish is to get the girls involved in rodeo queen pageants without the pressure of winning or losing at such a young age. This division is for fun only and the Sweethearts WILL NOT make mandatory appearances during the year. The girls will however be welcome to wear their crown and banners at horse and rodeo events of their choosing throughout the year.
Miss Rodeo Sweetheart Pageant


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